Oct 13, 2011

It's been awhile

Finally, some days off. I literally have been working and sleeping. I am not complaining in this economy about working too much. Speaking of which some of our regular customers were not happy that prices were raised at the beginning of the week.
A coffee went from 1.25, it is now 1.50. Basically most items were raised 10 cents to 50 cents. Seafood went up a dollar. We are still the most reasonable game in town. Why can't people take a look at their own grocery bills and see how much they pay and understand that we also are hard hit by rising grocery prices? Common sense. The fuel to transport food, all these things figure in to what we pay. You can come in my work and eat a very nice dinner WITH a take-home box for as low as $7.50. The customers are mostly local and great to wait on. Most tip between 18% and 20%. Take your family of four to McDonalds and see how much you spend. Everything in this restaurant is homemade. You can't please all of the people all of the time, so they say.

My next errand yesterday was to get a bible. It dawned on me that since Kenny died I couldn't find my bible. So I went for a walk in town and found a recovery bible. It basically is the bible with side notes on how to apply what you just read to your daily living and staying clean. I thought that was kind of neat. So now it sits on my night-table next to a pic of J. Things are going well and for that I am thankful. Peace!