Feb 5, 2011


It's quiet.
The orange candle burns above the t.v.
Absolute silence
Except for the hum of the fan in the laptop.
I can breathe.
My chest is not tight.
Many candles have burned since I have felt this way.
Numerous people have come and gone between
different candles I have lit.
Every individual touched my heart
inside this chest.
Sometimes the touches were not gentle.
I am healing.
The light at the end of the tunnel is shining,
bringing balance
to the swaying see-saw that is my mind.
My glass is half full,
and I shall savor every sip.

Bella and Edward...mmmmmm.....

Ok, how weird am I? I am sitting here on this rainy, boring Saturday night watching New Moon. I am 44 years old. How can I be sitting here getting all dreamy about Edward, the high school vampire? Really now....but God help me, he is HOT. I would have died for a boyfriend like that in high school, or right now at the present moment sitting next to me watching this movie. I think that the reason this whole saga appeals to so many of us is because it truly is romantic. Unrequited love, yearning, passion and how something bad for us that can take our soul still sparks desire. Whew....all the right stuff. So going to make another hot toddy and lose myself from the insanity of the real world into this world. Peace!

Feb 4, 2011

Deliberations To Continue: Twins Accused Of Setting Dog On Fire « CBS Baltimore

Deliberations To Continue: Twins Accused Of Setting Dog On Fire « CBS Baltimore

I read this and it broke my heart. I am an animal, or more exactly a dog lover. No animal should ever have to endure what this poor dog went through. Please read this news story. Peace!

Feb 2, 2011

Not much going on these days.

Watching the weather channel and feeling sorry for the people in Chicago. Winter can be a motherfucker at times. Thank God so far it has been gentle with us folks in Baltimore. Things have been going well for once and I have been content. It's a strange feeling not to have constant chaos around me and I have to actually get used to this new serenity in my life. Crazy huh? When you get used to living a high stress life daily it actually becomes the norm. I imagine living peacefully will become a normal way of life as well. Pretty boring writing this morning. Just checking in. I am breathing and healthy and alive and I am pretty happy with that. Peace!