Mar 14, 2009

Get out while you can....

Good news all. The brothe in law signed his lease yesterday and moved in to his new place. His wife is coming down on May 3rd. The Yankee invasion is starting,lol. Rick's new landlord is letting him live there for this month free to fix up and paint etc. I enjoy his company but it was time for him to go. I now can walk around my house dressed any damn way I want. I can write without being interuppted. Sounds like such petty little things, but after two and a half weeks, my nerves were starting to get brittle. They found a 3 bedroom rancher with a carport for $500 a month. I could not imagine moving back north and having to pay the astronmical rent and mortgages. Plus, you are not even paying to live in a safe neighborhood for those sky high prices. Mr. Walking Man, this is directed to you. When and if you and your wife can find an opportunity to leave the urban area which rings with gunshots and crack dealers, winos etc., GO. You gave me alot of encouragement and now I am sending you some back to Detroit. It is nice to go to sleep and not worry if our front door is locked. Our alarm system consists of Auggie barking. Peace of mind is priceless.

Mar 13, 2009

Why I moved...

I just broke down and bought a digital camera and must admit, having quite a good time with it. This picture is from my bedroom balcony. Everyone morning when I wake up and open my curtains, I thank God that I was able to escape the dreariness of urban living, for true peace and tranquility. I found the lake works better than any psychotropic meds, ie lithium, Effexor and all the other ones that are supposed to make you feel balanced and happy. Years ago I was diagnosed as bi-polar. I haven't had to take any of those "wonderful" meds with their god-awful side-effects in almost two years now. When the stress builds up and I feel manic or anxious, I take a lawn chair and lay down on the pier and that seems to work quite well. Solitude and sunshine are great healers for the soul and mind. Gone are the assorted pill bottles for my mental health. The lake works better and there is no co-pay to bask in bucolic beauty.

Mar 10, 2009

I've been converted- A3

Forty days you've been tired and tempted,
Forty nights you've been out in the cold,
Every phoneline conversation's been intercepted,
And you can't reconnect 'cos the frequency is closed.

So many miles you've been out of direction,
So many signs but you ain't got nowhere to go.
Your cadillac's got it's lights disconnected,
Rolling your wheels down the wrong side of the road.

Can you see them now
Can you see them now
Can you see the sisters swinging?

Let's go back to church,
Let's go back to church,
So damn long since we sung the song,
Let's go back to church.

Let's go back to church,
Let's go back to church,
Anyday now, anyway anyhow,
Let's go back to church.

You drank the wine but it tastes like water.
You broke the bread but it had turned to stone.
Your sacrement it lay scattered on the pavement
The covenants you kept have all been stolen and sold.

But you can see them now
You can see them now
You can see the sisters swinging.
You can hear them now
You can hear them now
You can hear the brothers singing

Mar 9, 2009

The power of the umbilical cord

Talk about ties that bind. When does parenting stop? I think my belly button still aches at times. I feel the cord pull everytime Baggy Pants steps away. I wanna reel him in, just like one of our bass at the lake. I do believe being a parent never ceases. I am a rather intense person, which irritates my kid to no end. Maybe one day when he is blessed with his own brood, he will get it. The scary part is that I am 42 and just starting to grow up and become a proper functioning adult. He is only 19. I do believe I have much more pain and angst to look forward too. Hopefully there will be some joy sprinkled in the mix.