Mar 13, 2009

Why I moved...

I just broke down and bought a digital camera and must admit, having quite a good time with it. This picture is from my bedroom balcony. Everyone morning when I wake up and open my curtains, I thank God that I was able to escape the dreariness of urban living, for true peace and tranquility. I found the lake works better than any psychotropic meds, ie lithium, Effexor and all the other ones that are supposed to make you feel balanced and happy. Years ago I was diagnosed as bi-polar. I haven't had to take any of those "wonderful" meds with their god-awful side-effects in almost two years now. When the stress builds up and I feel manic or anxious, I take a lawn chair and lay down on the pier and that seems to work quite well. Solitude and sunshine are great healers for the soul and mind. Gone are the assorted pill bottles for my mental health. The lake works better and there is no co-pay to bask in bucolic beauty.

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