Apr 24, 2008

Another day another dollar-hopefully

Well on the work front things are going pretty well. I am going in on my day off today, I have a party of 20 physicians at 1:30pm. Plus my regulars last night requested me to do their party of 30 on the 4th of May, $20 per head. Things are starting to happen. That is what keeps me going. Kenny is sinking further into his dismal abyss of depression. I am trying to be supportive, but I am a human being. The only way can deal with this situation is to work as much as possible and to stay away. I have made him a new appointment with a doctor and hopefully that will help. Until then, I have to remove myself from the situation as often as I can or I will wind up on as miserable as he is. I suffer from clinical depression as well. I am also supposed to be bi-polar, so I have been told, but I just have learned to deal with life on life's terms. The meds they used to give me had such horrible side effect, my hands used to shake..Now I just suck it up and fake it till I make it. So far that seems to be working. I just wish my other half had the same ability. I just keep watching him get farther and farther in to "the dark place"...I have to keep my distance somewhat or I will wind up in that same place