Sep 16, 2011

Mothering never ends

Well Baggy Pants is now 21. He returned to Baltimore the day I left for Pa. We missed each other by a half hour. He called no-one. When he found out I left for Pa, he showed up on my brother's doorstep. Scott had a bad year the same time I did. He did keep his job at Denny's, but was living out of his car pretty much. Scott met a girl who had a car, house and they hooked up and are now a couple. They took my son in. Jesse is Baltimore born and bred. He has lived in Georgia, Tennesse and now back in Baltimore. Scott and the girlfriend want him out this weekend. Their plan is to drop him off on my doorstep. Jesse told me he loves me, knows that I am living well, but is really trying to make it in Baltimore. This is not my home. I rent a basesment from my in-laws. Rick has just come home from a triple by-pass and aorta patched up. I have slowly been building a life here. Things are working. I am also a mother and that job doesn't end. My older son and I also talk, but right now he still loves heroin, so that limits our relationship. They should give parents a book with their bundle of joy when they leave the hospital. The roller coaster ride continues but I have my safety bar on at all times!

Sep 14, 2011

Busy Bee

Just a quick update. I have been very busy between work and Rick. Tomorrow hopefully I will be able to catch up and read everyone's blogs and write something myself. Rick s home as of yesterday. I am working as many shifts as possible. Love you all, Peace!