Jul 16, 2011

The Truth....Very Simple....

HogMaws and more...

Hog Maws was on the dinner special list last night, lol. I shit you not. Along with Mediterranean Haddock and other typical dinner specials. Those damn Hog maws sell like crazy. The manager explained to me that they try to keep alot of the Pa Dutch dishes on the menu...I never knew until now that was a dutch dish. I am from Baltimore and lived in GA, where Hog Maws have a totally different ethnic history. The customers kept teasing me asking me if I wanted a bite. That is like asking me to take a bite of liver and onions. It's on my list of don'ts regarding food. I am not by any standards a picky eater. I am amazed that people won't eat calamari. I used to work in a steamed crab house and was always tickled by the out of state guests who sat at the table and looked in horror when I would open the top of a crab and explain how to clean it, and than eat it. I guess everyone's palate is different. You say tomato I say tomatoe...that should be the biggest problem in our world these days...time to go punch the clock..Peace...

Jul 14, 2011

A day in the life

You hug and kiss her good-bye
every morning.

I watch her get up and open the bottles
quite a variety Mr. Hubby.

Within two hours the snoring starts
lights back out.

You arrive home
the sun has already set.

You hug and kiss her hello
You shake her until
she slurs hi honey back.

You eat your dinner in front of the tv.
Sleep already creeping in the corners
of your eyes from a long day.

The dog knows.
She roams from room to room to check.
Than she settles on the couch
with you.
Off to dreamland you both go.

I know the thoughts that go through my mind
I see this pattern.
I understand it.
Wanting to be sedated.
I just wonder what the fuck the dog thinks?

Love it

Jul 12, 2011

What Happens When You Get A New Job?

You get called in on your day off to work...which is totally cool as this is only a four hour shift. So now I am officially on the floor, making tips and kicking ass. Making money is a challenge. Tonight is a Tuesday which means I won't get slammed. The best part about being new and from a different state is that all the customers tip really well. Hopefully that new card works wonders tonight. I know I have gained 12lbs since hitting PA. Not too bad, but anymore and it will be. We do have a killer Taco Salad that comes served in that deep fried edible shell. Sooooo good! I love sampling the wares at a new restaurant. How can you make recomendations to the guests if you personally haven't tasted the goodies? So time to get the work game face on and make that paper...Peace!

Jul 11, 2011

Rainy Monday Night

Rainy Monday nights must be perfect for spouting out words on the laptop. Just took a nice hot shower, lotioned down with Bath and Body works..mmmmm...feeling fresh. Throw my night meds in the mix and here I sit, bored as sweaty balls. Lately I am relishing this new solitude after the insanity of the last year. I am learning that the excitement of rolling with "The Man" isn't all the it was cracked up to be, ha ( that was not supposed to be a pun ) Plus this man had a serious case of OCD so it is nice to go to bed without watching him count his money 30 times and tap the top of the safe 9 times. Not 10 but 9. I have learned that it is ok to walk around with $50 in my pocket. I wasn't any happier when I had $1000 if I am honest. I did purchase a rather dandy safe. My doctor is now making everyone sign papers that basically say even if you have a police report there is nothing he can do if your meds get stolen, lost or the cat ate them. Too many people screw up the system for those of us who do the right thing with our meds. I have been seeing the same doctor for about 6 years and if wasn't for him I wouldn't be able to work at all. (Or my back would be cut open and who the heck is going to take care of me than?) This man actually listens when you go in for your visit. Strange, right? He doesn't write medicine that you can't afford to fill. Many doctors could take a few notes. Now that the pain is under control I am actually back to work and productive. The new job is going well. Already got called in to work tomorrow night, so that is a good sign. Nice and slow is my new motto and I like it. Time to curl up with a good book. Been reading some excellent poetry and prose courtesy of my friend and fellow blogger The Walking Man. Check him out and his newly published writing. Great stuff! Peace...

Pink is not this dude's color!

Just because..well, because dammit..