Jul 12, 2011

What Happens When You Get A New Job?

You get called in on your day off to work...which is totally cool as this is only a four hour shift. So now I am officially on the floor, making tips and kicking ass. Making money is a challenge. Tonight is a Tuesday which means I won't get slammed. The best part about being new and from a different state is that all the customers tip really well. Hopefully that new card works wonders tonight. I know I have gained 12lbs since hitting PA. Not too bad, but anymore and it will be. We do have a killer Taco Salad that comes served in that deep fried edible shell. Sooooo good! I love sampling the wares at a new restaurant. How can you make recomendations to the guests if you personally haven't tasted the goodies? So time to get the work game face on and make that paper...Peace!


goatman said...

Have you tried writing some poetry?

You express your thoughts well and poetry, to me at least, is just hiding the thought a bit -- making one look askance, at an angle, to actually get the meaning.
"To engage speech where it is least careless and least logical" (this by a fellow name of Charles Olson -- whom I know not)

Just a thought

Lori said...

Goatman- Actually I have and do write poems and prose. I always get anxious about publishing them as they are so private. I shall throw a surprise your way one day this week. This blog is more like my online journal. Now you have the wheels turning about what to write..hmmm..be well my friend...xoxoxo