Jul 14, 2011

A day in the life

You hug and kiss her good-bye
every morning.

I watch her get up and open the bottles
quite a variety Mr. Hubby.

Within two hours the snoring starts
lights back out.

You arrive home
the sun has already set.

You hug and kiss her hello
You shake her until
she slurs hi honey back.

You eat your dinner in front of the tv.
Sleep already creeping in the corners
of your eyes from a long day.

The dog knows.
She roams from room to room to check.
Than she settles on the couch
with you.
Off to dreamland you both go.

I know the thoughts that go through my mind
I see this pattern.
I understand it.
Wanting to be sedated.
I just wonder what the fuck the dog thinks?


the walking man said...

"Did he leave any scraps or drop any crumbs on the floor for me?" The dog thought.

Lori said...

WM- Spot on. You can read a dog's mind as well. Her name is Harley. She was adopted by Kenny's brother when we were in GA, right before he got sick. Hence, the dog is very special to Rick. Uber cool dog....(I am biased)

goatman said...

Very nice expression.
I am not convinced that dogs think. Our dogs seem to just go blindly from one reaction to another. They are a true trip, dogs.
Cats are another story!

Lori said...

Goatman- Thank you. Actually you got me thinking about writing some of my poetry down. I have to differ with you on the dog theory my friend. I agree cats are rather mysterious. I had one special dog in my life that I swear had a very human like brain. (Or I was just blindly in love my dog)lol...Peace xoxo