Jan 16, 2009

These bones ache

It is 26 degrees outside this morning. See what I get for bragging. Everyone in my home is sick, except for Baggy Pants. I think because we wake up and the temp. is so low and than by 11am. it warms up to the 60's and 70's our bodies are having a hard time adjusting. Cough syrup and balled up tissues abound in the house. Plus, I am trying to accept the fact that I am not 25 anymore and must be careful about my health. Aging is a fact of life, not a pleasant one, but than again, not so bad. I am enjoying my 40's just for the wisdom and knowledge I have aquired. The job is getting easier, and I am slowly gaining acceptance. I am learning I draw more flies with honey than vinegar. That is something that you only learn with age. My tongue has little bruises on it from biting it so frequently but I am still employed. Ironically, this restaurant is the best gig in this little town. Most of the girls I work with have un-employed boyfriend who sit home and drink beer and wait for them to get off work with their tip money, to buy more beer. If you are a waitress and have your own place, the men flock looking for a place to lay their heads and maybe find female comfort and a place to feel like a man for a few minutes. Praise God, I am glad I am married. I can't fathom dating in this day and age. If my spouse should pass before me, than I will become a spinster with her dog, and be quite content with that. Time to blow the nose again and throw a lidocaine patch on the tired old back. Wish me health, and I will never brag about the weather again, I promise.

Jan 13, 2009

Bruised feelings

Oh lord it's hard to be humble. I went to work last night after being on the floor for the last 3 nights making pretty decent tips. No complaints. Apparantely there was some confusion, so they made me train one more night to learn the menu. I was heated. Noone in this town orders off the flippin menu. This is $7.95 all you can eat. Last night was fried catfish. I was a fucking busgirl. I found out what the real deal was. There are two head waitresses, the one who happens to feel very threatened by my age and experience. At the end of the night I sat her down and very politely explained to her that I do not yearn for her job, (been there and done that), just want to come to work and make a few bucks and go home. She apologized and said I would be back on the floor tonight. If not, all my politeness is going out the window. I am really trying to mind my mouth. In all my life I would never have fathomed being discriminated against because I am from the north. These idiots still don't understand that MD is below the Mason Dixon Line. I don't even try to explain. The point is moot. I am arriving half an hour early to work tonight and the real me is getting ready to come out.

Jan 12, 2009

I hear the train a comin' it's rollin' round the bend

How are the beautiful people of the USA today? All the strife and poverty and unemployment in this country but guess what? I know in my heart there is no other place I'd rather be. No rockets launching on this soil. No border patrols. I have the freedom to type what I feel without fear. I may stroll where I please. I have liberties that I wouldn't trade for anything. The town I live in is flat broke but the Amtrak workers still have jobs and that train rolls through my town on a daily basis. The morning global news breaks my heart. I had an epiphany at the airport at BWI last week. I had a layover in Baltimore as the flight to N.Carolina was cancelled. All of our soldiers started rolling in at the airport. Most of them were coming home for about a year. I am a chatty kind of girl. They looked tired and beat. They proudly talk about defending their country. Regardless of how hard it is to be posted in the desert. These men were coming home from Afganastan.(sp) Some were from Iraq. They were happy to conversate while they waited to re-unite with loved ones. I now realize just how much I have to be thankful for. They also stated they will deploy out again as soon as they are called. When I lay my head upon my pillow, I have peace of mind knowing they are out there defending everything I hold sacred. Have a blessed day.