Jan 12, 2009

I hear the train a comin' it's rollin' round the bend

How are the beautiful people of the USA today? All the strife and poverty and unemployment in this country but guess what? I know in my heart there is no other place I'd rather be. No rockets launching on this soil. No border patrols. I have the freedom to type what I feel without fear. I may stroll where I please. I have liberties that I wouldn't trade for anything. The town I live in is flat broke but the Amtrak workers still have jobs and that train rolls through my town on a daily basis. The morning global news breaks my heart. I had an epiphany at the airport at BWI last week. I had a layover in Baltimore as the flight to N.Carolina was cancelled. All of our soldiers started rolling in at the airport. Most of them were coming home for about a year. I am a chatty kind of girl. They looked tired and beat. They proudly talk about defending their country. Regardless of how hard it is to be posted in the desert. These men were coming home from Afganastan.(sp) Some were from Iraq. They were happy to conversate while they waited to re-unite with loved ones. I now realize just how much I have to be thankful for. They also stated they will deploy out again as soon as they are called. When I lay my head upon my pillow, I have peace of mind knowing they are out there defending everything I hold sacred. Have a blessed day.

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