Jan 13, 2009

Bruised feelings

Oh lord it's hard to be humble. I went to work last night after being on the floor for the last 3 nights making pretty decent tips. No complaints. Apparantely there was some confusion, so they made me train one more night to learn the menu. I was heated. Noone in this town orders off the flippin menu. This is $7.95 all you can eat. Last night was fried catfish. I was a fucking busgirl. I found out what the real deal was. There are two head waitresses, the one who happens to feel very threatened by my age and experience. At the end of the night I sat her down and very politely explained to her that I do not yearn for her job, (been there and done that), just want to come to work and make a few bucks and go home. She apologized and said I would be back on the floor tonight. If not, all my politeness is going out the window. I am really trying to mind my mouth. In all my life I would never have fathomed being discriminated against because I am from the north. These idiots still don't understand that MD is below the Mason Dixon Line. I don't even try to explain. The point is moot. I am arriving half an hour early to work tonight and the real me is getting ready to come out.

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the walking man said...

Breathe...Charm not bullets Lori.