Jan 16, 2009

These bones ache

It is 26 degrees outside this morning. See what I get for bragging. Everyone in my home is sick, except for Baggy Pants. I think because we wake up and the temp. is so low and than by 11am. it warms up to the 60's and 70's our bodies are having a hard time adjusting. Cough syrup and balled up tissues abound in the house. Plus, I am trying to accept the fact that I am not 25 anymore and must be careful about my health. Aging is a fact of life, not a pleasant one, but than again, not so bad. I am enjoying my 40's just for the wisdom and knowledge I have aquired. The job is getting easier, and I am slowly gaining acceptance. I am learning I draw more flies with honey than vinegar. That is something that you only learn with age. My tongue has little bruises on it from biting it so frequently but I am still employed. Ironically, this restaurant is the best gig in this little town. Most of the girls I work with have un-employed boyfriend who sit home and drink beer and wait for them to get off work with their tip money, to buy more beer. If you are a waitress and have your own place, the men flock looking for a place to lay their heads and maybe find female comfort and a place to feel like a man for a few minutes. Praise God, I am glad I am married. I can't fathom dating in this day and age. If my spouse should pass before me, than I will become a spinster with her dog, and be quite content with that. Time to blow the nose again and throw a lidocaine patch on the tired old back. Wish me health, and I will never brag about the weather again, I promise.

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the walking man said...

Be in good health Lori...very good health.

By way of a comforting thought:

Baltimore, MD

2 AM Clear Clear 10° 4° 3 mph WNW 49% 0% 0

Detroit MI


Feels like: -23°F