Aug 28, 2008

Make a grown woman cry

First time I have felt like writing. Had a miserable flu...getting my sea legs back...My son blew me away...cooked me and Kenny dinner tonight..and his burgers were better than mine!!!! Jesse was a restaurant baby from day one..I waitressed with him til the day before my water broke, and was back on the floor 4 days later. Kenny always cooked wherever I waitressed, (we were a package deal) so Jesse learned alot from hanging out in the kitchens. Tonight he really stepped up, funny thing when your baby starts acting like a man. I was truly sick and it was so nice to have someone cook for me. Yes, I am a very emotional chick, with me it's always about the littlest things. That's how Kenny got me, and that's how Jesse continues the cycle. Feeling much better now... Time to catch up on all my favorite reading spots. Have a beautiful, blessed day.