Sep 26, 2011


That is what I have immersed myself in these last few days. One more shift tonight and than I have two whole days off. Tina is finally starting to grieve. When someone dies at first you are so overwhelmed with coroners and making arrangements and telling people. Than it settles down. That is when it truly hits you, at least based on my experience. Sadness and anger, all the emotions come. I am taking certain secrets to my grave regarding Rick. I will never tell his wife. She is very kind and extremely fragile. She is a rescuer. A nurturer. The 4 years they were married were the longest he stayed out of jail at one time. She welcomed me into their home after I went through a very bad period. I have not let her down.

On another note, one of the cool things about waitressing in this part of PA is that alot of my customers are seniors and there is alot of old coins being passed around in my tips. I got tipped a silver certificate so far, lots of $2 bills and many old, old pieces of change. You can almost visualize the soldiers walking down these streets. The houses on my street were built mostly in the late 1800's. There is just a certain quaint beauty here. I am thriving. I feel like a plant that was half dead and now is starting to get healthy leaves and I bloom everyday. Peace.

Sometimes the light don't shine, that's the time we've got to open our eyes....You and me baby, are gonna get rehabilitated.....