Jul 26, 2008

Crawling on the floor to you...

I was perusing some blogs and found myself reading quite a few "stripper blogs"...I found most of them to be rather intelligent and financially secure women. They bring up the point how tired they are of hearing how they are degraded for their body. They just look at their bodies as a marketable asset. I think it comes down to choice. If you are self-employed what do you want to sell? Most of us have a perception of strippers as drugged out abused women. I have found that not to be true in all cases. Drugged out and abused women exist in all forms of life. Not just the stripper world. Many of the strippers write in their blogs that they feel they are the ones who get over, as they are the ones leaving with pockets full of money and the men leave broke. Who is right? Or is their a right answer? The great thing about living in the good old USA is that you can do pretty much you want for a living, (as long as you pay Uncle Sam) the freedom of choice. So if you choose to shimmy on a pole and walk out of a club with $500 or so, I don't think there is anything wrong with that. Isn't everything we do in life a form of a hustle? To me serving food is a hustle, I am nice to you, bring you your meal, and you pay me. Immediate gratification and the anticipation of not knowing what the final tally for the night will be. These days I think everyone is a hustler of some type or another. Whether you hustle your words, your wares, or your body, in the end we are all just trying to make it to the next day.

Jul 24, 2008

Watching bad tv today

I found myself watching VH1 today and it was a countdown of the top 20 or 40 (I forget) best fights on reality tv. Yes, I found myself watching the whole damn thing. I noticed that quite a few of these celebrities (?) are on different shows, sort of interchangeable. The one show that tickled my funny bone the most was the Flavor of Love Show. These women were actually fighting over this man!!!! I am sure he is a rather nice fellow, but come the f*(ck on, hardly worth all the drama and bickering that ensued to hold us viewers enthralled. I guess it is the rubbernecking or watching a trainwreck syndrome. Just gotta stop and peek..I am a self-admitted tv snob who tries to watch documentaries, good movies, and nature shows. Yet, I do have this secret guilty pleasure of junk tv..I wait til Kenny takes his afternoon nap, and I grab the remote, (not an easy task to take a man's remote I will have you know) and find the trashiest crap there is and indulge. I do personally like watching TMZ at night. They state the obvious with a very decent sense of humor. Well, now you know about my secret vice.. Trust me, it's alot healthier than some of the vices I had in my younger days....

Stop and smell the roses today...

Jul 22, 2008

Missing Florida Girl?

Sorry I haven't been writing that much, alot on my plate these days. The story in Florida really has captured my attention. It is about the missing 2 year old girl, who's mother is being jailed right now for obstruction of justice. The little girl is adorable. From what I have read, I believe the mother knows who has the child. I just wonder if keeping her jailed is helping. I think her mother and her attorney both believe if they could just sit down and talk with her, they will have a better chance of locating the missing girl. The grandmother did what she thought was right and called authorities, which promptly jailed her daughter. I do think it is odd that the mother didn't report the child missing for 5 weeks. My gut feeling says she is afraid of something or someone. My husband believes she is protecting a person or maybe her child. The mother is only 22. I would like to know what you think. What is the correct way to handle this situation? Should the mother be jailed? Do you think the child is still alive? Feedback would be appreciated...I hate missing children stories and this one just really struck a chord with me.