May 19, 2010

I've been a baaaddddd blogger

Yup, it is true. I apologize. Work and the real world has taken over for about a week. I got transfered to another store that is safer, my mother is gearing up for back surgery and I simply have run out of steam. No more. Blogging is something that I enjoy and it's my time alone to think and reflect. I like to think that it is my mind's equivalent of a nice workout session. So here is what is been going on this week. My owner transfered me to his other store. You have been to one Denny's, you have been to them all. I like the new store. It is smaller (less running) and clean and in a better neighborhood. Yes, I am zipcode snob. (Not really) I just don't want to get attacked while I am at work. My mother is getting ready to get her L3,4, and 5 fused. I think those are the right numbers. Anyhow, it is her second back surgery. She is scheduled to next Tuesday. We have been doing all this pre-op stuff. Not fun. My mom is popping Percosets like candy, with an occassional oxy for good measure. She now requires baby-sitting as she is dropping cigarettes, and falling asleep mid-sentence. The only thing that is coming out of her mouth is "Oh, the pain"....I empathize, but since I am the one jogging up and down a flight of steps, my sympathy is running out. I am dreading when she comes home from surgery. She wants a damn bell to ring, or an intercom. NOOOO...So that is where I am at today, my only day off. I am now making a point to take care of me. I need my hour or so in the morning to read, write, and listen to my music mix. It is a ritual. In my younger years I have had much worse rituals to start my day. It is coming up on one year, June 1st since my husband passed away. I like to think his hand is still there on the small of my back, helping me navigate this crazy thing called my life. Be well..Peace!