Jul 29, 2010

Question of the day

How do you personally stay sane around a bunch of 'effing fruit-loops?

Jul 26, 2010


This heat is making me very lazy. My tenant forgot to take two things with him when he moved out. His girlfriend and daughter. She called me crying saying she was going to slit her wrists. My brother the realist said "Well than we don't have to evict her, the morgue will do it". We are very different. Me, the shmuck said she can stay til the fifteenth with us,as we now pushed up the moving date til Thursday. Just like she has her family to worry about, so do I. I am not a social worker. He moved into his father's house, who passed away. They have been together 13 years. It's ridiculous. It is also not my problem. I will help when I can, just not at our expense. It seems that everything that happens is a result of our choices. I am done here. I cannot live like this any longer. If she doesn't mind sleeping in the basement for two weeks than so be it. I think I am being more than fair. Her old man fucked me on the mortgage. That becomes my problem than...Peace.