Feb 6, 2010

The little pleasures...very uplifting..

It's a winterfuckingwonderland!

24 inches and still snowing. My boss, being the dedicated man he is, refused to close til 8am this morning. Our poor manager was stuck there 18 hours and is now snowed in the restaurant. Thankfully D is coming to get the manager and get him home. Hopefully everyone will have cabin fever tomorrow and I will show up in the blizzard and make $$$.. I shall make the most of being snowed in today. I have a good book to read. Bad tv to watch..the only thing that would make this day perfect is if baggypants and my brother were anywhere but here. I love them dearly, but god, this is a perfect day to be alone, reflect and regroup. My brother shoveled a path for Auggie to pee. The snow is higher than him, which upset his doggie ego. He barked at it and got frustrated because that didn't work. The need to pee won, and finally his mission was accomplished. He has never seen this much snow. Now he is frolicking and having a ball.

On a human interest note, a girl I work with is pregnant. Baby number 8! Said girl is not sure who "baby's daddy" is. So we are working together and she is grouchy. I asked her what is wrong. She said she needs some dick!!! I said (on the inside)gee, haven't you had enough...on the outside I just smiled and said, "oh, ok"..I was at a loss for words. I did suggest that maybe she should get a reality show. One of my co-workers said, "who would watch"..I replied, "everyone"...because lately people will watch anything, the favorites being shows about human train wrecks. The only sitcom that I truly enjoy watching is Two and A Half Men. I think the little kid is cute. I like the relationship between the adult brothers. I watch alot of the history channel. I also admit to watching Animal Planet. I watch that show Animal Cops. I get so upset when they show mistreated animals. I have learned through my dog what loyal, wonderful companions a pet can be. They are just like an infant. 100% dependent on their human master. Many people should practise on a pet before they have a child. I know people who shouldn't even own a plant, yet they raise children. So that is what is going on in my life as of late. Tuesday we are giving out free grand slams from 6am-2pm. I don't know if that is applicable to all Denny's, but I think it is. Double check. We do it once a year. Last year we had a line wrapped around the building. Pure insanity. Hopefully the people that need it will come and get a free meal. If you are snowed in, make the most of the day. If you are not, screw you I am jealous!!! Have a great weekend. Nourish the brain, soul and spirit..

Feb 3, 2010


Yup, woke up again to more snow. It's starting to lose it's appeal.. Yeah, the first snowfall is pretty..After that, it becomes more of a pain in the ass. I don't enjoy it at all. My dog has a ball frolicking in it. Than he barks and runs in and lays next to the heater. Someone told me this is the year of El Nino. I just know we seem to be getting snow on a weekly basis. Are you a snow person? Do you enjoy scraping the windshield and de-icing them? There are always those lovely people who talk about snow and it's beauty.. I would rather see photos and paintings of snow that actually walk around in it and drive to work in it. Just my personal preference. So if you live in the northern areas and have to deal with the white muck, you have my sympathies. Now I must get ready for work and go clean off the damn car. Stay warm.,,

Feb 2, 2010


Thought I had to work today. My boss reconciled with the one chick, so I have my day off back. All my errands are done, laundry is folded. Today I do believe I shall catch up on all my blog reading and an actual novel I have. I am glad I am a low maintance chick. I was reflecting on all the things that make me happy. Most of them cost next to nothing, yet mean the most to me. I have my novels next to my bed. Photographs. My postcard collection. Some really cool prints I have picked up here and there. Those "things" are what bring me comfort. Sure, diamonds are beautiful and I love to go shopping. I would be more upset if someone took my books than one of my rings. Photographs are the best treasure of all. I flip through them when I feel blue. A smile captured on film is priceless. These little "things" are what brings me joy. So take your joy where you can. It doesn't have to cost a penny. Good friends, family. Yes, it might sound trite and corny, but so what. I have a Norman Rockwell calendar above my computer. I look at his artwork, and I think he caputured the part of Americana that is the best part. The innocence and beauty of people. It still exists in some small towns today. Here is a toast to the simple things in life. Cheers!

Feb 1, 2010

Out with the old...

My boss is cleaning house. This week today is my only day off. The plus side is there will be extra money, the down side is, I will be BEAT. The one girl yesterday got sent home in the middle of her shift and taken off the schedule for a week. Her uncle tried to rape her daughters that night. She was irritable and upset. It reflected in her treatment of the guests. My owner D, said that he would prefer you not to come in if you are having a crisis. The people she waited on said they will never come back. This girl is probably one of my closest work friends. I tried to plead her case to D., but he said business is business and if you can't separate the two, and your personal life starts affecting his establishment, than what choice does he have? Right now employers have the upper hand. They know it too. D. is one of the most decent bosses I have had in years. He is fair and that is all I expect from any boss. Sadly, too many people have taken advantage of his "fairness". He said nice doesn't seem to work. So once again a few bad apples have spoiled it for the whole bunch. He took me in the office and showed me a piece of paper. This paper showed that we were $5,000 down from this date last year. Yes, it is due to the economy. His point is that EVERY customer counts, especially in the hard economic times. So I will continue doing what I do. I have a question for all the working folks. Do you notice a change in the attitude of your employers? Are you walking around on egg shells at work out of fear? Feel free to vent/share whatever...