Jun 1, 2008

Those were the days..

Watched alot of tv today...So many channels to choose from. I remember when there were 3 major channels and than UHF...Reality TV seems to be a very popular. A society of voyeurs? Seems that way. Lots of police shows, prison type docs...ie..Lockup...every week you can see what life is like inside certain prisons. I grew up on sitcoms...All in the Family, Happy Days, The Jeffersons....my cop show was Dragnet...Tv must change with the times, like everything else. Nothing is really sacred anymore. You don't actually have to get up and go to church, you can just watch it on your screen. Personally I do enjoy certain TV ministries. Anyway to spread The Word is ok, I think. I love watching documentaries. Pick a topic and you will almost certainly find a documentary to match. Yesterday I discovered veoh tv.. sort of like surfthechannel.net , so now I can watch tv and movies right here from my swivel computer chair, much to the annoyance of my husband. He claims everything is becoming too solitary. With the click of a mouse you can find entertainment, companionship if you so desire, view all parts of the world etc..His opinion is that the techno age is the ruination of the next generation. He has 10 years on me, and he grew up where kids went outside to play on a nice day, not sit inside playing Nintendo. My man feels very lost in this current world. We never fight over the computer- he doesn't touch it. He yearns for the time when everyone would gather 'round the tv. to laugh with Archie Bunker. So we go on...he has his remote and I have my mouse...whatever works...