Feb 2, 2011

Not much going on these days.

Watching the weather channel and feeling sorry for the people in Chicago. Winter can be a motherfucker at times. Thank God so far it has been gentle with us folks in Baltimore. Things have been going well for once and I have been content. It's a strange feeling not to have constant chaos around me and I have to actually get used to this new serenity in my life. Crazy huh? When you get used to living a high stress life daily it actually becomes the norm. I imagine living peacefully will become a normal way of life as well. Pretty boring writing this morning. Just checking in. I am breathing and healthy and alive and I am pretty happy with that. Peace!


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Not boring writing at all. I am glad to hear you finally have some serenity. I am also very glad to hear your winter hasn't been bad.

I love you, Lori.


Lori said...

SB- I never thought I would treasure peace of mind so much like I do now. It's some good stuff, lol. I am knocking on wood about the weather. Love you too..