Oct 2, 2008

I got sunshine

Decided I need to exercise... So I joined Kenny on his morning walk, and I feel fantastic now. Been rather sedentary as of late..Not good. So now my new morning ritual includes an hour walk. I have made a conscious decision to start taking care of my health.. Doesn't matter how healthy the mind is if the body is falling apart. I do believe their is some truth to the endorphin theory. Now if I could just quit the damn cigarettes!!! Have a great day people...To quote a good friend of mine...NO FEAR!!! (That is becoming my daily mantra)



Pookie said...

Someone just told me this morning that I need to start walking; instead of just trying to diet, I should add walking several days a week, and then maybe I'll lose some of this 195 lbs. I cannot believe I've gotten that big in the last 5 months!! (I was in May)I don't know if I'm going to do it, I hate sweating, but I'm going to have to do something.

It's a good idea Lori, walking and getting your heart rate up in the morning will help to counteract the damage the cigarettes are doing. Stick with it!!

One Love!

the walking man said...

Walking is good, wish I could do more of it.