Sep 28, 2008


Mao Tse Tung said
Change must come
Change must come thru the barrel of a gun- I guess it's all relative...I hope I am not alive if and when a civil uprising happens. Keep fucking with the taxpayers...greedy corporations...nothing is trickling down this a'way brother!!! I don't personally think J.P.Morgan gives a flying fig if someone's mother is losing their home due to predatory lending. We are no longer the moral code that the rest of the globe looks to. This is a very sad state of affairs..Complacency has sunk in with many of us milk and honey raised folk. How many spoonfuls of bullshit must people be fed before they gag and vomit? Change must come, but the mess is so huge and unfathomable. CEO's need their heads, along with their nice pension packages, to fucking roll. This shit is unacceptable. Instead of filling our prisons up with the addicted and weak...start throwing some of the Wall Street Wolves in there. Let them drop the soap every night and yell,"Please, at least use lube"....Where are the consequences folks? Maybe I should open a little business and live way beyond my means and just say, shit, and file bankruptcy.. Wipe the prozac from you sleepy eyes people...listen to what is going on...ah, this is turning into a rant..I am just very disheartened and disgusted...


the walking man said...

Lori...who will the people rise up to revolt against? The others in the same straight as themselves? Now I don't rule out mob mentality but I doubt that there will be any great backlash towards Wall Street. Most people have no physical access to that place. Food riots? Maybe but when the distribution hubs are burned to the ground there is no more way to acquire food.

I suggest that we prepare in a different way. Look to the land you live on, it will sustain a garden. If everyone on a block despoiled their pristine grass for the more viable food production it would be better than getting pissed and rioting.


Lori said...

I actually agree with you. I am the child of the hippie generation. I am an avid gardener and love to grow my own. Sometimes though I just love shock value for it's own sake...people are so comfortable in their little nests and totally oblivious to what is really going on..I actually think we should go back to a barter system within our own communities..I bring veggies, you bring grain and so on.. Take care of our own...and stop looking to the government.