Jan 4, 2009

Collateral Damage

I watch the news. I prefer Reuters or BBC as I think it is more objective. My friends, it is now ON in the Middle East. Israel is not playing games. To use blunt verbiage, you can only fuck with people for so long. I am not preaching end times rap or doomsday rants this morning, but this is real and it is happening. Must be brief as I have to get my southern waitress uniform on and get ready to say "How Ya'll Doing Folks, Come On In". They hired me for two days a week. I worked one shift yesterday, I now have 6 nights a week. So to toot my own horn, this yankee waitress rocks. Have a blessed Sunday folks. I will hit everyone's blogs tonight when I get some free time.


the walking man said...

More of the same Lori...Jews trying to remake the Palestine in their own image and the dispossessed residents trying to reclaim what their fathers lost.

Good deal about the waitress gig! "You want grits with that?"

Lori said...

The fear in my heart is so many civilians who are just collateral damage. That is applicable to any war. This is beyond politcal, it is biblical, which our government is,imo, not well versed.

Thanks! Yes, I am sooo tired of grits.

the walking man said...

For the real spin on this look up The Jerusalem Post and ALJAZERA websites.

I just don't believe that either side wants peace.

Lori said...

Will do, and in my humble opinion neither do we because don't we peace loving people make a ton of money selling weapons to Israel? That is our biggest export. Other than Great Britain, Israel is the only other country that gets our most modern technical weapons. Somehow it always comes down to money and power. The saddest irony is that between the civil weapons and humanitarian aid, this will be what helps brings the US out of this recession. The world spins on and out of control..