Jan 2, 2009

The peace of the am

This is my time of day. It is silent except for the music in my headphones. No one is asking for anything or yelling my name. No telephones ringing. I actually write and pray sometimes. Whatever works, correct? I am enjoying this morning especially as I start my first day of work tomorrow at my new restaurant, doing what I love. Serving the masses. I have always thought that serving someone a plate of food is rather intimate. I like waiting on the single elderly person who comes in to eat, not really for the food, but for some conversation and to bask in the warmth of other humans. That brings me joy. I am a little nervous, the menu and slang down here is VERY different. I am a trooper. The owner of the restaurant is a local legend. She made her start selling fried chicken, which brought in many people of color faithfully. This is still the south and she pissed off a lot of people. She didn't care. With the chicken money she saved and bought the bigger restaurant. Her business is thriving. I am still having trouble with how racial certain people are here. It is blatant in some parts of town. Race is not my issue. My issue is that we should all buy American made everything. It is about being an American and loving your country. Your local grocer should be able to communicate with you in your native tongue, not his. That I do have strong feelings about. I don't think it is acceptable to use non-American labor for pennies. How can a man compete in any labor market, if one man will work for $6 an hour and the other is used to making $24 an hour. At least the American man puts his money back into the American economy, not sending it back to his motherland. So that is my dribble for today. The house is awakening and the day must begin..

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the walking man said...

Did you know that on the Queen Album "Made In Heaven" there is an absolutely stunning hidden track? I must have heard it a million times without paying attention to what album it's on (thank you random play).

At any rate Lori, you know the only way to change people is to open their eyes and the only way to open their eyes is by action. Sounds like the new boss ain't the same as the old boss and won't get fooled again...gotta love early morning headphone music.

Be well at the new job and hold the grits.