Dec 30, 2008

Cobblers and Tailors Thriving!

Watched the news this morning and found a little bit of joy. Guess what? People are now repairing their clothing and shoes. That's right. The cobblers and tailors of our country are reporting that business has increased tremendously for them. The Good Wills and Thrift Stores of America are thriving. Remember patching your jeans? Resoling your favorite shoes? I think it is wonderful. I have children that think cobbler is either apple or peach at your local buffet. The generation of the throwaway nation. Please, that old blouse that you think is not fashionable, donate it. Might keep someone warm this winter. Eyeglasses, coats, hell anything you can think of. The recession is still in its earliest phase. Wait til the commerial loans start crashing. Just like the industrious squirrel stores his nuts for later times, so should we. No matter how bad you think you have it, do a good deed today. Remember is could be raining missles.


laughingwolf said...

good post lori, i still wear shirts, jackets and coats my dad handed down to me, years ago :D

the walking man said...

Things are shaking out Lori. It is beginning to look as if the economy is that self appointed angel of correction. Anything that improves the local well being can be nothing but a positive on the world stage.

Hey you and Kenny and BaggyPants have a good next 364 1/2. Relax and enjoy the comfort found in the rural attitudes of the new place.

Lori said...

Happy New Year to you and yours as well. I read your last post but couldn't comment for some reason. Thanks for sharing yourself and your thoughts and always being true to yourself.