Jan 6, 2009

Leavin' on a jet plane

I have not flown since I was 15. Many moons have passed and not I have to fly to Baltimore in the am to deal with Baggy Pants. I do believe I am having pre-flight anxiety. When I was a child we used to fly from Baltimore to California every summer. The memories are pleasant. Now the list of rules and regualtions are rather intimidating. I have always considered myself a rather fearless, ballsy chick. It must be age. The balls have shrunk quite a bit, bordering on shriveling. I was the first one to flip the bird. Now I just shine people on, finding the aggravation not worth the strength. I value peace of mind. The commercial of the person stuck on the flight between the two rather loud rowdy crazy guys keeps flashing in my brain. What happens to that spunk as every decade comes? 10 years ago I would have dug flying with crazy people and joined in. Now I want to just read my book and be left alone. Now I am dealing with an 18 year old who has my old gusto and is challenging me to let him be a man and stay in Baltimore. He is not equipped. J thinks he can make it. Baltimore is brutal. He said I am living in hillbilly land. He is right, but I can afford to pay the bills. Baggy Pants is now broke and needs mommy and some money. I am torn. Do I let him fall so he can learn to stand stronger, or do I bail him? Whoever said parenthood is rewarding left a few parts out...BTW, that is a direct quote from my father. It is in our DNA...Wish this 42 year old woman a safe flight please. Anyone wishing to impart parenting wisdom is welcome...I have run out.


the walking man said...

Look at the trouble and see if Jesse can be well without the firm hand of direction, is it a minor mistake we all passed through or something a bit more egregious?

Be calm and rational then make your choices because obviously Uncle Billy Bob hasn't the parenting ability necessary.

Either way Baggy Pants is in for a rude awakening, life in Baltimore without the support he needs or life in Georgia learning to adapt to new situations.

Hillbilly land is actually Michigan if I remember right.
Rednecks were West Virginia miners.
Georgia is the land of peaches and pecans...juicy nuts of you will.

Lori said...

Peaches, and I also learned that all the Vidalia onions come from Vidalia, Ga. Flew home this morning. He is taking the train home within the next three days. I held firm. No cash, just a one way ticket. It was hard to hold my ground, but being a grown man doesn't include having mom and dad pay your rent. I have worked since I was 15. Juicy nuts huh? Wonderful grouping of words, wouldn't expect anything less. :)