Jan 1, 2013

Woke up this morning....

2013. I am still dumbfounded another year has come and gone as quickly as it did. So many changes have taken place. Some people that I love have put forth an effort to make positive changes in their life, others are never going to change. Joe and I spent New Year's Eve together. I made a nice dinner/dessert/wine. I know he lives off McDoubles when he is not with me. We were asleep by 12:20am. My phone buzzing with the usual Happy N.Y texts. The house is currently empty except for my dog and I, and this weekend Joe. I have so much to be thankful for, even though I don't feel that way at times. Rocco is snoring at my feet. This early am. time is mine. No one can take this from me. Even when my kids were little I still had to have at least one hour of alone quiet time. Regroup, refresh etc. Get ready to face the day. These days I am happy just to make it through a day without any catastrophe's. In 46 years I have learned that slow and steady wins the race, at least in my world. I make a point of not operating on my emotions. Always gets me into some kind of trouble. I occasionally miss that feeling of invincibility that carried me in my youth. Now I take vitamins and supplements and actually pay my bills. Yes, I have to move soon. I am maintain a positive attitude, even though I despise moving. The main problem is that no one seems to want pets. Hopefully I will find a place in the next two weeks, while Rocco hasn't grown into his true adult horse size. May this year bring all of us joy and peace and uh, prosperity? The first two seem to be a sure thing. The prosperity part is more of wishful thinking on my part. Happy New Year....Peace


Whitemist said...

happy New year to you and hoping for more best in your life!

PhilipH said...

Good luck with your move!
My missus and I moved from Scotland in September to be nearer to our lovely daughter and the two grandkids in the east midlands.
Quite a traumatic upheaval but we made it OK. Hope you do too.

bugerlugs63 said...

Now I'm curious as to how you got an hour alone time when the kids were young . . . Some tips please?
I'm pleased that joy and peace are a sure thing for you Lori, even if prosperity is not guaranteed.
I'm still working on the first two!
Much love and a happy new year to you Lori x x x

Lori said...

Whitemist- Thank you and I wish exactly the same for you my friend!

PhilipH- Nice to meet you. Glad your move turned out well. It is quite stressful but usually turns out for the best.

Bugerlugs63- Happy New Year to you love. I have found their are 3 times of the day to get "me" time when your kids are little. My preferred time was to get up an hour or so before the whole house woke up. I would drink my coffee, read, catch up on letters etc. Than there is nap time, or when the kids are in school. Make that your time to take care of you. Even a nice bubble bath can help. The last option is when they are in bed. I didn't like that one, because usually I was as tired as they were and would fall right to sleep. I found that having an hour to myself each day actually benefited the whole house because I was nicer to be around. Hope this helps. This is going to be our year buggerlugs. Salud!