Jan 5, 2013

I found a place to call home

Whew, what a load off my mind. In small towns like this one it's rather easy if people know you and you haven't sullied your name. I actually went to a friends house and we poured some drinks and made a toast to new beginnings and a fresh start. Life can be as sweet as it is sour at times. My current landlord just got out of detox and seems to have a good mindset. Now she has the big fight. Getting her child back. Seems when you have too many domestic calls to your home and there is a young child involved, Child Protective Services gets involved. They came one day and chatted. The next thing we know they came the next day and removed the child from the home and placed her with her maternal grandparents. Now she is in foster care. The court hearings start this week. The gloves are off. Father against daughter and son-in-law. The dirty laundry will be aired. I lived this in my twenties and to see it replayed again is horrific. The only problem I have with moving is that Rocco is going to have to stay with J. Every single place I looked at would ask the breed of my dog and once they saw Rottweiler they said no. Rocco has spent the weekend with J and is comfortable there and I can go see him whenever I want. Yes, I am weird. I have been talking sweet nothings to my dog and reassuring him that all is well. J is the one who brought him up here 5 months ago and he loves the dog too. So I have tried to make the best of the situation and think that I have done a good job. I am a fixer of problems but have grown weary. I am making plans to take some college courses and that is very exciting. This is the year that I am going to take life and expand every horizon. Why not? We only go round this globe once...so I don't want to waste the trip. Peace!


Annette marshall said...

Good for you Lori. I am so glad you found your own place. And school! Wow... you give me much hope. :o)

goatman said...

It is sad your dog cannot be there for friendship. Maybe another pup which would be acceptable?
The thought occurs that any medical course would be helpful. Even a medical program which trains for a specific skill. As we old goats get older we will need much attention and many aides and procedure assistants will be needed.
Best of the new year to you. May there be many happy surprises for you. lyle

bugerlugs63 said...

Good to see things are turning out well for you Lori.
I'm looking forward to watching your horizons expand over the next year, as always, you're an inspiration. With love x!

Lori said...

Annette M.- We never grow too old to learn do we? I do know one thing. We only go around once so I want to do all the living I can. Seize the day my friend!

Goatman- I hope the new year is good to you also. I am developing a course plan, leaning towards addiction counseling. Much love, from one goat to another...lol.

bugerlugs63- I look to you for inspiration quite a bit. You are raising your children and finding your way. Many people don't understand the importance of being a good mother. I don't think there is any amount of currency that could compensate us moms. It encompasses our heart and soul. Be well and be happy..xoxo