Jan 22, 2013

Alive And Well

Been spending a lot of my free time at Joe's home which is right outside of Lancaster, PA. Sadly my 75 year old friend has been refusing to get internet in his home. He goes to the library. I am happy to say I solved two problems, Joe's depression and the fact that I am not allowed to keep my dog here. Rocco is staying at Joe's where I will get to see him on the weekends. He has been sleeping in Joe's bed every night and they lay in bed and eat bagels together. Joe was tickled when I got Rocco. We call him our baby. I think it is a win/win situation. I get daily updates on my dog, Joe sounds much happier and the dog has a huge house and yard. Rocco is happy. Winter is def here. We are expecting a blizzard this week. Oh joy. The cable company came out the other day and got my tv and internet set up. I was miserable with-out it. Which got me thinking about The Amish. Have any of you caught the show The Amish Mafia? Anyhoooo...they live such simple lives without all of our social/electronic gadgets. Their craftsmanship is amazing. The farmland is beautiful. The Amish believe that all of our modern society distracts from the main focus, being close to God. I think there is some truth to that. Maybe some are waiting for God to start tweeting? I hope all are well. Oh yes, the couple I was renting from got their child back, with strict orders of aftercare and home visits etc. I hope all goes well. Their child is beautiful. Stay warm, enjoy your loved ones and take some time to be silent and bask in the presence of all the good things in your life... Peace!!!


Annette said...

I do agree that our technological advances, while bringing many blessings....like I met you! Also bring a lot of distractions and chaos to our already busy lives. So glad things are working out for you and Rocco and Joe. :o)

Lori said...

Annette- Aw that's sweet. Things work out the best they can for all of us, maybe not when we want but usually when we need it. Nice to be back online.

the walking man said...

Yep all up to date on the Amish Mafia...none of them would stand a chance here. They'd have to be the Black Baptist mafia. to even have a shot.

Anywhere that you can freely express your self is beauty and in helping Joe then you have done kindness.

Peace your own self.

goatman said...

My first smile of the day (hope for more).
Nothing like a dog to brighten a day. Joe is a lucky guy,and you are a lucky girl. (I have two, who are now out running in 12° -- how do they do that)
But when they come back I will get warmer . . .

Lori said...

Walking Man- I try. Joe is a very grouchy Polish man. His parents came straight from Poland. He still has their papers when the got naturalized. I try Mark I do.
Lebanon Levi is a piece of work. Greed. Runs most organizations quite successfully. Peace to you my dear friend.

Goatman- Nice to hear from you. I love the warmth of a dog when they come in and lay down next to you or even on you. No loyalty like a dogs. I, too, wonder how they can go out in such cold weather and play and do their business. Maybe they are the superior beings and we are just creatures in their world? Be well..xoxo