Apr 28, 2009

Always a new pandemic

Gee, I think I have enough on my plate right now, and here comes the swine flu. I am still remembering the bird flu. I have decided with what little wisdom I have that if all these diseases and plagues the news is inundating me with come my way, so be it. Cancer has already hit, so nothing else will surprise me. I think the term is shellshock. I punch in on the timeclock and for those hours my happy face is on. I punch out and there goes the happy face right out the window,lol. I get paid to be nice and kind dammit. Does it ever occur to any of these great thinkers in the world that maybe we have simply overpopulated a planet, and the planet has had enough? We spread as fast as any damn virus. I have no empathy for the octo-mom, sorry. There are enough mouths that need to be fed. I can barely feed my family on my income, why should my tax money feed yours? I donate to the food bank etc. I carefully pick my charities. I just wonder when do the masses wake up and see the signs? I don't care if you believe in the bible, Buddha, or a damn tree. We are the greatest plague on the planet. Don't cry about the swine flu. I am sure when there are great rainfalls and floods those are the tears of the planet trying to wash away some of the virus known as mankind. We are the biggest pandemic, the human race.


the walking man said...

Doing a little raging against the machine are you? Rage on Lori, rage on.

Lori said...

Just one of those days my friend.

Patricia said...

Amen. I wish that more people could see this.