Jul 3, 2011

Sunday Morning

I am sitting out here in my boxers and T-shirt. Not proper but so 'effing what! I write best in my boxers. The cup of am. coffee helps fuel me along. One of the best parts of the move is that I know have a relationship with my nephew, my sister in law's son. I finally get to be the cool auntie. It is pretty damn fun. He is my companion in sneeking out to the vinly/cd hippie store. He is a great kid. Well he is actually 20, nevermind, he is a kid. He is now facing adult pressures about getting a job, college and all that good shit. I guide him as best as I can, but my brother in law, Kenny's brother, is steady on his ass. Sucks to be him I tell him. This peace from within is feeling wonderful. I walked up Main Street yesterday and found another neat store. I purchased a book for $20. It is called Gilligans Island from 1966. I had to have it. That is the year I was born folks. The book is still covered in plastic. Antique stores and old book stores make my panties wetter than any man these days. I also got a Van Gough print of Starry Night. Got a nice wooden frame and it is now hanging on my wall. Not bad shopping yesterday. I thank God every morning that I am alive and have most of my health, mental and physical. I have a bad sciatic nerve on the right side that shoots down my leg. I suck it up, take minimal pain meds and am getting ready to go back to waitressing on Wednesday. I will probably feel like I am 90 when I arrive home the first night. So that is the news in my world as of today. Say a prayer for me and I shall for you as well. If that doesn't work take a xanax and a nap and maybe you will feel better when you awake. Peace out girl scouts!


goatman said...

I wish the best to you.
I am a slow poster so please bear with me.
My life runs slow!

Lori said...

Goatman- I totally understand. Count your blessings that your life runs slow. I have learned substance in writing is way more important than quanity. I wish the best to you as well my new friend...:)

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I was born in 1966, too, and also have a poster of Starry Night on my wall. Laugh.

Lori said...

SB- I have always told you that great mind think alike. You would have a great time shopping here. The Amish are not that far. Homemade preserves, quilts, sigh the list goes on dear. Love you