Jan 17, 2010

Virtual World

I have a new addiction. Facebook and the applications that go with it. I now am concerned with my virtual farm and fishtank..as are many people that I meet. Sign of the times? Everyone I work with is busy posting on facebook. From their computers and fancy new phones. Myself included. My life is not that interesting, yet I update. People walk looking down now..Their Ipods in their ears and their fingers typing away on the the Blackberries. I wait on many people who bring their children in, yet they are actually alone, because little Johnny has his earbuds in and is playing Halo against people he hasn't actually met. The new society? My brother texts while he drives. I tell him he is nuts. My 63 year old mother won't leave the house without her cellphone. I tease her and ask her what did she do before cellphones. What I am trying to figure out now, is this a good thing? The one thing I have noticed, the next generation is lacking in something very important. Interpersonal skills. REAL communication. Eye to eye, over a cup of coffee, without electronic interference. Grabbing human hands and offering comfort. Pure, beautiful silence. Maybe that is why I like the early am. so much?


Kathy M. said...

Hello. I've just come across your blog. Nice to meet you.

Interesting post. I agree with your ambiguity about technology. I real communication, face to face, without electronic interference.

Then again, I have a Facebook page, and a blog. :-)

Lori said...

Hi Kathy,

Nice to meet you.. I too, have a Facebook page and I blog, lol. I have many mixed feelings. I am 43, so I am in between generations. Please feel free to stop by anytime.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I don't think it's a good thing at all. Frankly, I think it's rude to be texting when somebody is sitting right there with you.

I don't have a cell phone. Never will.

Lori said...

SB- You and Ken, my late husband, would have gotten on fabulously. He hated all the modern gizmos. He only got a cell phone at my request. He felt that posting on the internet was giving Big Brother a freebie shot at knowing all your business. He said that Facebook was the perfect tracking system and we are doing it to ourselves. It is VERY rude to text when you are amongst others. When I go to a table and they are on their cellphones etc.. I walk away. I refuse to stand there and wait for you to get off of your phone when I have many other people to take care of. I figure that when you get hungry enough you will put down the damn phone.

Brother Frankie said...

back in the day i thought beepers were bad..

i hate cell phones, and this is a bad thing for the up and coming generation.

i talk to my teens about it all the time.. they dont get it, till i lean in, touch them, look them in the eye, and talk..

they say.... what was that? i tell them intimacy, feelings, touch... put the damn phone down..