Jan 22, 2009

Working girl blues

Blisters swell on my heels
The bones in my back ache so loudly they are starting to play their own tune
The tip money swells in my apron
Enabling me to put decent food on the table for my family,
who I am not spending much time with these days
One man's SSI check just doesn't cut the mustard in these economic times
When my head hits the pillow at night, I am not the vamp I once used to be.
I am sound asleep in 15 minutes
I save the sex appeal for the early morning hours
The checking account is building
As is our peace of mind
The weariness is starting to become worthwhile
Endurance is building
Personal pride is growing
Maturity is teaching me that there will always be tradeoffs in this life of mine
One table, one plate at a time.


the walking man said...

Well said and done Lori!

Lori said...

Well thank you very much my dear.