Jan 24, 2009

Fired and Tired

Well, I have been smiling and tolerating insults all to help provide for my family. The head waitress and I do not get along, but I just kill her with kindness. Tonight she sent me on break but my station still had dirty tables so I went back to help clean it up. She started screaming, "What are you afraid I am going to steal your tip".. I said "whoa, you have been telling me to make sure my station is spotless so I just wanted to help clean up". This woman has been riding my ass since day one but I have just dealt with it. Yankee slurs and many others. I kept ignoring them. At the end of my shift she said "You can just take off tomorrow and if Sybil needs you she will call you".. I have been in the business for 25 years. I know what that means. I said "Karen, are you basically telling me that I am fired".. She said, "pretty much". This girl has made every waitress cry. Except me. My one friend came out and said that she was dead wrong and felt very threatened by my age and experience. I constantly reassured this woman that I wasn't shooting for a head waitress job, just wanted to make a few dollars in my pocket and go home. After she basically let me go, I said ok, have a good night it was a pleasure working with you. I have an interview tomorrow at a steakhouse, which is way more my speed than a buffet. When you waitress at a buffet, you are a glorified bus girl/beverage girl. So wish me luck at my interview tomorrow. I have been sucking up all the bullshit for almost a month now, and I must admit I actually feel a sense of relief. I literally have been biting my tongue. Pam is on the phone now telling me to call the owner and explain my side of the story and let her know exactly what happened. I think I might do that, not ask for my job back, but just let her know that I felt attacked by her head waitress. So that is all for now. I am out of steam.


the walking man said...

Before you make that call try to understand the owner and the bitch's relationship. If they're best buddies the call would do you more of a dis-service than anything else.

Get the new job adopt a south Georgia accent while on it and tell them the south had every right to protect States Rights.

Barring that adopt the Detroit attitude..."fuck 'em, we'll win in the end because we can outwork anybody."

Lori said...

I agree. I just went and got hired at the Steakhouse which is more my speed and the owners are from New Jersey, so I am not alone in my northernness. I start training this week and the menu is basic American, steak, ribs, seafood, which I am familiar with. I just keep my faith that things will be alright and ultimately they are. I am going to let that dead horse die. It just wasn't meant for me, I tried out of wanting to do for my family, but I wasn't happy. Now I can work reasonable hours and actually enjoy being in my new home. Thanks again for all your wisdom and support.