Jan 25, 2009


These lyrics are poetry to me..courtesy of Alabama 3

When I saw you in the garden of Gethsemane
Drunk when you realised the plan
You fell into the arms of Mary Magdalene
The stain of stigmata on your hands
When the sky fell down on Calvary
I saw the light shining in your eyes

Cos you and me baby we were born 10,000 years ago
I know it sounds crazy but we got 10,000 more to go
We followed behind the sisters to La Hegera
Saw Ramos kiss like Judus on the wire
When they cut his hair and laid him out like Jesus
I know October '67 John Lennon lied
Sgt Pepper could not help us
When the flowers died I realised

In 2129 I'm gonna meet you in a cantina in Carleta
I'm gonna put Bessie Smith on the jukebox all night long
When the Spanish sun comes up on our empty cups
Gonna take you dancing deep down into the dawn
One bright morning when we meet St Peter
I aint gonna give a damn if he don't let us in

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