Jan 25, 2009

Work Update

Well things have a way of working out. Went out on an interview this morning and they called me and hour later and told me to come in at 10am tomorrow to start. This is more my speed. No buffet's, just a good old fashioned American Steak House. The owners are from New Jersey which means no more damn Yankee jokes. I felt like I hit it off with the owner and since she called me right back as soon as I got home, I have a good vibe. Everything isn't just for everyone, and I don't think I am cut out to be a buffet waitress. Not knocking it, but there is no challenge in it. To me it is more like being a glorified busgirl with the added joy of refilling beverages. I like greeting my customers and suggesting a nice meal, and than seeing the satisfaction of them enjoying it. That is what being a waitress is all about to me. So tomorrow begins day numero uno at Steakhouse. New days and new beginnings. That sounds like the beginning of a rather shitty wedding toast. We've only just begun and all that...so have a great night.

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the walking man said...

{;-)} Nuttin' wrong with making a bad wedding toast, the words only mimic the heart.