May 19, 2012

My life

My friend Joe's daughter mailed me a a card with this picture enclosed.  This was taken at the wedding in New York.  He doesn't read my blog because he thinks it's my diary and it's personal.  LOL...Sometimes it's fun being arm candy, I have to admit.  This is the happiest photo I have of him.  I think the ability to enhance another human beings life is a great quality that is waaay underestimated.  I have a surprise for him this weekend.  A glucose meter and test strips that I bought from the local pharmacy.  Turns out Mr. Joe never has checked his sugar and he is diabetic.  It might not be a "fun" gift, but it is a much needed one. 

Below is a picture of my new hobby.  ( I used to garden alot when my kids were little) This is not a great photo of my garden.  I took this last week.  There were weeds all the way to the sidewalk. I just started shoveling my way down (see the shovel?) and was amazed at how rich the soil was.  Worms and everything. The front porch is abundant with hanging flowers.  A home doesn't seem like a home without flowers.  I have 3 in my bedroom.  There is something wonderful about getting your hands dirty and making something grow from nothing.

Between moving into this house and getting it together I haven't had much time to write.  To my relief, Tina is very adept at unpacking and getting things in order.  I call her the curtain Nazi.  The only room that doesn't have curtains is the living room.  Disorder makes her insane.  We are def the odd couple.  Call me Oscar.  Have a super weekend!

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