Jul 21, 2011

Brown grass and sweaty boobs!

That sums up my weather forecast for tomorrow. God I wish it would rain. The grass crackles under your feet when you walk. I was surprised that people came out to eat tonight. Than I realized, they are using the restaurant's air conditioning instead of their own. The two for one package during a heatwave, dinner and a/c. I am starting to get a routine going in my PA life here.

The one thing that I do find amazing is everywhere I turn I am running into people from Baltimore. Funny story ( I think) I get off work tonight and go to the local convenience store to get ice cream and cigs. A guy comes in behind me and see my uniform and ask me for directions to my work. I laugh and tell him I just moved here from Baltimore. He says me too. Dude asks where I'm from, I said Dundalk, he says "Oh hell yeah, I'm from down the street in Essex, the shit factory is our mutual landmark" We proceed to high five each other while the other two local people look at us like we are crazy. The shit factory. Yes, that is one of the great landmarks of the town I just left. Should have been an omen. Than the clerk rings up my junk and says "That's funny, we just hired a girl from Baltimore"...Urban flight is happening right before my eyes.

What has happened to our once beautiful cities? In a way I am glad that my father is not alive to see the society of the here and now. He was too old school. It would break his heart. His world was black and white, right and wrong. Very simple. When I was little he used to take me to Lexington Market to eat raw oysters on the half shell and we would go to Pollock Johnny's and get the best hot dogs. Now if you are at Lexington Market they assume you are there to buy pills and ask you to leave. When I go to sleep at night I look forward to waking up in this little quaint town. Brown grass, sweaty boobs and all. I'll take that over fear, chaos and insanity anyday. Plus, they must keep the shit factory hidden here. That's a good thing people. Peace!


Lou said...

On the 4th of July, when I was a kid, every town had a parade and fireworks. No town around here has a parade anymore, and fireworks were canceled because the city might get sued.

Keep those sweaty boobs under wraps...:)


Lori said...

The boobs are under wraps dear, lol. It is just ungodly hot. I am on my way to work now. Gotta run! Have a great day Lou...xoxo

goatman said...

Baltimore once for crabs at a place with newspapers on the tables and bibs for us messies. Near Johns Hopkins as I remember. Then on to DC for the martial music at the White House! Bummer

Lori said...

Goatman- I can indeed tell you got the full tour. I remember as a kid going on numerous field trips to the White House. I agree, bummer!