Jul 23, 2011

Another one gone too young

Amy Winehouse is dead. The two pics are of her at the beginning of the career ride and the second half of her roller coaster ride. 27 years old. Putting aside all the crap the paparazzi had to say about her, the girl had a voice that was a gift from God. Now she is gone. So far they haven't stated the cause of her death. It is under investigation. I could care less about her public antics. I simply liked the sound of her voice. I do think there is a tad bit of irony in that her first hit was..."They tried to make me go to rehab, and I said no, no, no...RIP Miss Winehouse..

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goatman said...

I am well -- working on replacing deck boards in the heat; but getting used to it. I am not a very frequent poster on the blog but I always have an idea churning around as to what to talk about and present. Happy for your visit to check on me.
Never listened to Amy's music but last night I brought some up on your music finder and discovered her voice was interesting and different, reminding me on some songs of Billie Holiday of the 30's era. I wonder what she died of? Suspect smack -- it is always enticing and dangerous.