Jan 4, 2012


So this is 2012. The older I get the more bah humbug I become. The holidays meant something different when your children are little and excited. I did purchase a few gifts for those closest to me, but everyone else will just have to be happy with the holiday cards I mailed. Right now my agenda is employment and getting my room back in shape. My room is rather small and I have lots of clothes, pocketbooks and shoes etc. I know, poor me. I am sitting here typing watching Animal Cops in Detroit and the number of dog fighting cases really astounds me. I am a dog lover from way back and in all the high crime areas there is numerous dog fighting. What a civilized bunch we are. They said in Detroit there are so many stray cats and dogs that now people just shoot at the animals when they feel they are a nuisance. I am changing the channel. I don't have the stomach. I am hoping this year brings kindness and a sense of caring for our fellow man/woman/animal. We are all one in the big picture. Every action has a reaction. I have given up on the government ever implementing any type of change. It must happen from each individual. One person at a time. Time to clean....Peace!


goatman said...

Indeed -- all one.
Such a simple concept so easy to forget.

Lou said...

I hear you about the low key Christmas. My daughter gave everyone pictures of the baby in frames. That was fine with me!

Ugg..that Detroit Animal show. You really can't watch it for long, it's so awful. Trash TV fo sho;)

Hang in there with the job hunting. These are tough times;(

Lori said...

Goatman- I am a huge believer in the power of one. You are right, it is such a simple concept. Tis a shame that something so simple is not understood. Glad to see you writing again. xoxo

Lou- I love getting pics for the holidays. Sounds like your family understands the true meaning of the holidays.
I am a sucker for those animal shows. I do have to change the channel after awhile tho, turns my stomach.
The job hunting is going. I am striving a little bit higher than waitressing this time. I do have a certificate in Business and Office/Data Entry. We shall see my love....Kiss the family! xoxox Always....