Sep 3, 2011

This video footage is by Thomas Edison

Have you seen Bruce Richard Reynolds is a song about The Great Train Robbery in England. The caper was actually brilliant and successful. Mr. Reynolds is now a free man and across the pond he is a cult hero. My favorite band wrote a song about him and the robbery story. He stayed on the run for many years. This band that I like so much does alot of work in prisons and they support a group called MOJO. Miscarriage of Justice Organization for people who are wrongly imprisoned. MOJO does wonderful work and have actually helped free some innocent people. The band has flavors of Johnny Cash, along with some techno and rock. The one member of the band is into a form of art called death masks. He goes to death row prisons and makes a mask of the condemned before they die for the family. Remember, before you say phooey on the inmates of our nation, they are some one's child, spouse and parent. We live in an incarceration nation. Building more prison's is not an answer. Starting young with high risk youth is a start. Many people today are not equipped with the parenting skills that our parents and some of us have. Yes, there are people who belong in prisons. Notice how many affluent white collar criminals get off with a slap on the wrist, whereas the young man/woman who is poor with a public defender usually winds up behind bars. Try getting employment as a convicted felon. Yes, there are consequences to every action. When you are in your 40's do you still have to be penalized for something you did at 22? Anyhow, enjoy the video. I believe Mr. Edison made this film in 1905. This was just the footage that was used for the video. Have a great day. Peace!


goatman said...

I would never say phooey on the inmates of our nation, all 3 million and counting --I hear. Most are there for crimes that did not offend another, only the state and existing laws!

I really like the video. A tiny Zoo train is robbed, apparently. Neat.

Lori said...

Goatman- I thought the video was pretty neat too. I do believe that we are known as Incarceration Nation. You would think that we would be more evolved already...Have a great day..