Nov 19, 2011

The early am.

Wakey wakey! It's my favorite time of day. Plus, a dear friend loaned me the money to get this BRAND NEW LAP TOP that I am typing on. My old one was ready to die and it got to be such a pain in the arse that I didn't even like writing or using it. I also have the web cam, but no pics allowed of me this time of the morning. Scary! I had a few days off this week which was a treat, but back to the grind today. I have been on this money saving mission and I am seeing progress. I look at something and decide do I WANT this or do I NEED this? This new way of looking at things has made a difference in the way I spend. I want peace of mind in knowing that if there is an emergency I will have some kind of resources. I count my blessings everyday. I am proving to myself that I can be a decent, honorable person. Who would have seen this day come? Peace out girl scouts!


Lou said...

Andrew pawned his laptop this last time out there. That seems to be the only casualty.

Glad you enjoyed your time off. We all need to refresh the mind and soul! Love ya, Lori.

Lori said...

Lou- Thank God he didn't get himself into any criminal trouble. I notice personally that when I stop taking my mood stabilizers people around me actually notice. If taking a pink and a white pill are going to allow me to be a productive and somewhat "normal" person than so be it. The other fate is something I could never go through again. Love you Lou!!!