Mar 25, 2010

Thought for the day

How do I hide my hostility at work when the whole back of the house at this time does not speak English? My boss replaced 90% of the kitchen and dishroom with Latino help.. They are a beautiful people, but now my friend Mark, who is sort of in Roberts shoes, almost 50 and busts his ass at Denny's, and maybe two others are now in the minority at work, with their hours cut..Many of us are getting frustrated, but if we open our mouth, than we will be colllecting unenjoyment. It has really made me see my boss in a new light.. Not very pleased...Picking up an early shift today, so I am outta here and on my way. Be back manyana! (sp)


the walking man said...

An anonymous call to INS may suggest an answer toy our problem.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Sorry to hear this. Not liking your boss makes work much more difficult.

Love you, Lori. Hope you make good money today.


Lori said...

WM- You know I think about that, but am rather undecided at the moment. I have always liked my boss. I guess I just lost the most important ingredient. Respect.

SB- Actually as luck would have it, I wound up getting the day off. Again, as I told WM, I don't dislike my boss, I just lost all respect for him...Love you too

Whitemist said...

Respect is important, but for your boss, the bottom line is probably the most important. That is the way your industry works best, sadly.
You have a tough place and I sadly understand the feelings well!

Lori said...

Whitemist- I have been in this business for years. Ironically I have my data entry certificate, but I always make more money waiting tables. You are exactly right. It's about the bottom line. Sad, but true.