Mar 5, 2012

You've got the facts, you have the information...

Now what to do with it?  Politicians, schmoliticians.  I am tired of watching the news, polls etc. Personally I feel that politicians are rather like someone on drugs, when their lips are moving, they are lying. Sorry people, that's just me. Corruption, greed, self-absorption, narcissism, putting their own spin on the truth.  Maybe they need a stay in a recovery based facility? 

I live in a tiny town in Pa.  I ran. Not because I am a coward, but because I didn't want to die.  When you are living in a town that's nickname is Bodymore, Murdarland you would consider moving also.  Too much tempatation lurks around every corner for fresh meat. The politicians started a program called Baltimore- The City That Reads, and painted it on every park bench.  It was soon covered with graffiti, Reads covered with Breeds.  ( I didn't sleep well last night and watched re-runs of The Wire).  There are so many parts of that city that I love, and many I hate. Politicians can only do so much.  The people make the real difference.  That's what I am trying to express, I guess.  When you personally give up and don't stand up to be heard, don't get mad because noone is listening. Peace!


Syd said...

Read your post over at Lou's Subdural Flow II. I'm glad that you found your way to being clean. I'm sorry that your dad didn't live to see that. But he loved you and knew that you loved him.

I think that the Wire was one of my favorites. But it definitely didn't make me want to live in Baltimore.

Syd said...

The Wire is one of the best programs ever. I finally watched it on DVD. I don't think that I would want to live in Baltimore though.

Nice to have found you through Lou's Subdural Flow II. Your dad knew that you loved him. And he surely loved you.

Lori said...


I have read alot of your comments over at Lou's. I agree, The Wire is one of the greatest series on tv. Sad it ended. I am sure there is a "Baltimore" everywhere if you are looking. I am not, lol. I do miss my dad, but all those lectures and his wisdome live on through me. I finally have some free time so now I will be able to check out your blog.I'm glad you found me!