Oct 15, 2008

Accidents will happen

Yes, accidents will happen...daily...The key for me is to not pop a Xanax when they do fall upon me...Actually doing very well with my prescribed meds. I am making a point of taking some part of the day and claiming it as my time. Too many voices around me, cluttering my head with their nonsense. I have enough of my own thank you very much. It is dawning on me slowly that the outrage I feel at injustice and world events, I can't change. I can only conquer how I handle my feelings about the events. Tragedy befalls everyone. Maturity is teaching me that the ones who make it, are the people who handle despair and feelings of hopelessness with the knowledge that another day will come, full of possibilities that abound. My father's famous words to me from day one were "Everyone must eat a spoonful of shit at times, but it won't kill you"....He was right. And with that I am now going to enjoy some me time...Peace

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sKILLz said...

I understand you TOTALLY. I also need to not pop a Xanax everytime I feel the need but lately it seems to be the only thing to keep me from killing another person.

Listen you keep your head up and do your thing no matter what ANYONE says ya DIGG?!?
Stay Up!