Oct 24, 2008

Just wondering...

Just looking at some old news stories. Jim Jones. I was very young when this happened. Not really old enough to understand about cults, mind control and all that goes with it. What scares me is how many times in our history similar situations seem to repeat themselves. I think we are so hungry for a better way in this world that if a person with the right charisma, who speaks the words that will reassure us that they can lead us out of the depths of misery to the light, I think "it" could absolutely happen again. Hitler had charisma. Mao Tse Tung had charisma. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, they all had charisma. It's who's words you choose to let inspire you. Before Jim Jones lost his mind, he received humanitarian awards. Lots of CIA conspiracy theories there..in relation to Jim Jones..What never ceases to amaze me is how large groups of people fall under THE SPELL. Simply because they are hearing what they need to hear. People who join The Aryan Nation, fervently believe in the cause that they fight for. What separates you from those that fall into the myth that whomever is preaching at the time? Education, free will? I don't know. I do know one thing. I thank the man who raised me for teaching me that the best gift you have in this world is intelligence and the ability to make decisions. Pick up the pen or pick up a gun? What happens when you can't afford a pen or a gun?


the walking man said...

What separates you from those that fall into the myth that whomever is preaching at the time?

I suppose I am not easily swayed because I have never been a faithful adherent to "pop"ular anything.

Even when I can't afford a pen or a gun I can still afford free thought.

Lori said...

Amen...Free thought is going to be what saves us all one day...never been a lemming, never swam with the masses...The sad part is that, at least in reference to Jonestown, the people can't be condemned because they left to live in a world they truly believed would be better for their children and my fault is with the abuser of the innocence of the people.