Nov 11, 2008

Dirt Free Zone

Just got home from work.. I am a scrubbing and vacuuming mama nowadays til I move. Thank God my friend is also my boss and new landlord. Bet your boss doesn't pack you a lunch! It's funny, but when you are in someone else's home, (one that you know you will never afford) it is rather intimate in a way. When you are polishing pictures in a frame, you see their memories, their history. Some homes are fabulous but have no warmth, no soul or personal imprint. Today's lady has a lovely house, but what really makes it nice is it isn't imposing, but showcases who she is. I dusted quite a few porcelain cats..she is the owner of a lame cat. Refuses to put it down and cares for it just like a mother with a child. She is a widow. According to my friend it was her one and only love, and there will never be another. How often can anyone have the peace inside of knowing they had their one true love? Monogamy and family don't seem to be popular these days. How special for her. I handle the possessions with care. They are her treasures that I am cleaning. When we left, the house smelled fresh and gleamed. if only I had the energy to give my own abode the same attention..Have a great evening!

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