Nov 3, 2008

You don't need to go to Goa

If any of you have ever heard of Goa, where it became very trendy for people to get mind expansion etc...They would travel far and wide to get their mind right...Well someone, A3, wrote a song about it..and I agree....peace can be found within, right at home, at your local church or whatever you pray to.. You don't need to travel to a place to be with gurus and chant and dance in a circle for large amounts of money to find peace...I don't drink those Smart Bar Drinks...Coffee is about it for me...

I believe I'm gonna
Shut down my chakras, shift Shiva offa my shelf
Take down my tie dyes, my Tibetan bells
Cool down my karma with a can of O.P.T.
Ain't no call for Casteneda in my frontline library.

There's one thing I know, Lord above,
I ain't gonna go,
I ain't goin' to Goa, Ain't goin' to Goa now
Ain't goin' to Goa, Ain't gonna Goa now.

Ain't dancin' trance, no thanx, no chance to t-t-tranquilise me.
Ain't sippin' no smart bar drinks, you, that don't satisfy me.
Dosing up my dharma, with a drop of gasoline,
I ain't down with Mr. McKenna, tantric mantra talkin' don't move me.

I don'tn need no freaky, deeky, fractal geometry, crystal silicon chip.
I ain't walking on lay lines, reading no High Times put me on another bad trip.
Timothy Leary, just check out this theory,
he sold acid for the F.B.I.
Well, he ain't no website wonder, the guru just went under,
you can keep your California Sunshine.

'Cos the righteous truth is, there ain't nothing worse than
some fool lying on some Third World beach wearing
spandex, psychedelic trousers, smoking damn dope
pretending he gettin' consciousness expansion. I want
consciousness expansion, I go to my local tabernacle
an' I sing with the brothers and sisters


Pookie said...

Goa? Goa? lol

First I thought it was a typo, then I didn't know what to think! Where did that come from? It's interesting...You better not stop blogging!!

Lori said...

Been busy packing, working and maintaing...I wanted you to call me so we can set up lunch.. Just got back from the doc. We are leaving December 7th for Georgia. Cheap clean sunny living....Love you

the walking man said...

Goa, that's where Jason Bourne wound up as he tried to recover his memory. Of course the powers that be weren't done with him yet. They needed a third sequel to the story.

Pack on sister...pack on!

Lori said...

Georgia will be my Goa...I can dance and chant in rural bliss...