Dec 11, 2008

I am alive and in Georgia!

Thank God, then internet man just left my home and I am online again. I didn't realize how spoiled I have gotten until I spent these last few days without a computer. All is well in the world again. The trip was long and tiring but we made it safe and sound. Everything is unpacked and it is starting to feel like home. I have my computer positioned in my bedroom staring out at the lake in front of the balcony. I feel like a damn princess!!! There is alot to be said for southern hospitality. Every single person who we have spoken with has been pleasant. What a change of pace. Money is rather tight, but all the bills are paid, and moving is outrageously expensive. Not planning on a major move anytime soon!! Still have much to do around the house so I am ending this on a short note. Welcome to the south!


the walking man said... day there may be a visitor from the north. Glad you got there are Kenny and Baggy Pants adapting?

Lori said...

Kenny is in southern heaven. He actually went out and raked leaves for an hour or so this am. Baggy Pants has made the decision to stay in Baltimore with my brother until he graduates. That could change next week. My brother is 31 and never had a teenager around before, so we shall see...thanks for all your care and concern. BTW, it is 46 degrees out right now!